Aid Flow Data

Aid Flows in Somalia
Preliminary Analysis from the 2017 Aid Mapping Exercise
28 November 2017

For the past four years, aid flows in Somalia have been tracked through an annual mapping exercise.
Significant progress has been made in improving aid transparency, which has informed better
coordination. Aid data has also proven useful for monitoring aid effectiveness principles. This report
presents the preliminary findings from the aid mapping exercise conducted in 2017. A final report, drawing
on end of year data, will be released in early 2018.
The 2017 mapping exercise was led by the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development
(MoPIED), with the support of the World Bank and UN.1 MoPIED is planning to launch a new Aid Information
Management System (AIMS) in 2018, which will provide an interactive tool for reporting and accessing aid
data for Somalia (Box 1).
A total of 45 development partners and funds reported their aid flows as part of the mapping exercise in
2017, approximately 82% of development partners (Table 1). Additional data on humanitarian aid was
collected from OCHA’s Financial Tracking Service. The Federal Government of Somalia thanks all
participating agencies for their high level of reporting.

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